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Call Us 24 Hours on

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Broken Chains

Has Your House Sale Fallen Through?

Many people suffer from broken chains when it comes to buying or selling a property.

A broken chain refers to the interruption of the smooth sale of one house and purchase of another. It’s a big problem for those counting on a home sale for their next purchase, take a look at this example.
You have found your dream home, you have found a buyer for your property, every step seems simple and you look forward to moving to your new home. Suddenly, at the last minute you lose your property buyers, there are mortgage and financial problems, personal circumstances but whatever their reasons may be, you are left with your property still on the market and no chance of securing your new home. That dream of being able to sell your home is gone, you could even be facing a house repossession.

As advised by local estate agents, around 33% of all house sales fall through due to broken chains and can add unnecessary complication and cost to the process of selling your property. You can remove this uncertainty and repair the chain by selling your home direct to us. In fact, it’s the most secure way for a quick property sale.

The advantage for you is that we can tailor the solution to suit you therefore putting you in control of the selling process. So if you are waiting for a new house to be built, or just require a quick property sale, we will design a purchase solution to suit you. Let Need A Fast Home Sale buy your property

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To sell your home and stay away from broken chains, call us now free on 01604 538450 or simply  fill in our free valuation form and receive a cash offer for your property in as little as 24 hours. You could then be in your new home in days.

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No matter what your situation, filling out our free house valuation is the first step to help you get a fast house sale.


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Broken Chains



My new home was about to disappear when I lost my buyer at the last minute. I needed a fast sale and needafasthomesale delivered. Nice work.

Mr Johnson, Surrey.

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